By Kawahara Keiga — postcard, scanned by Fraxinus2, Public Domain,

by Oksana Protsukha

This article is aimed at those already familiar with Tezos protocol. If you are new to the ecosystem, I strongly encourage you to go over the Tezos documentation and familiarize yourself with what Tezos is, its design and features.

Tezos latest self-amended upgrade to Edo 2.0 was…

Milestone designating a steep ∠9% section of the bike route to Mont Ventoux in France.

by Oksana Protsukha

Tezos is an on-chain governance blockchain protocol built on liquid proof-of-stake (LPoS) algorithm for consensus. Being PoS protocol, it relies on validators (aka “bakers” in Tezos lingo) to ensure network security. You can find detailed description of proof-of-stake consensus here. What differentiates Tezos from the other PoS…

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The emergence of proof-of-stake networks

Today’s established blockchains establish consensus by wasting energy and resources, and they suffer from heavy…

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