Alternatives to Tezos Giga Node
1 min readOct 3, 2022


The team behind Tezos Giga Node has decided to cease operations. We want to thank the team for their stewardship of the Tezos ecosystem over the years.

Tezos Giganode was providing the following services:

  • Tezos RPC endpoints
  • Tezos Snapshots

Alternative RPC Endpoint Services

A Tezos RPC endpoint is useful to connect to the Tezos network without operating a node.

Here are free-to-use Tezos RPC endpoints maintained by well-known entities in the Tezos ecosystem:

A maintained list can be found in the Tezos Taquito Documentation, along with recommendation on how to pick a node operator.

Commercial Alternative Tezos RPC Service offers reliable, geo-distributed nodes accessible with a dedicated URL.

A fee of US$7 per million requests ensures continued development and maintenance of the service.

Additionally, the first 100,000 monthly requests are free. A RPC endpoint for the Ghostnet Tezos testnet is also provided free of charge.

Read more about Tezos RPC Service.

Alternative Snapshot Services

Tezos Snapshot Services provide downloadable artifacts used to bootstrap a new Tezos node, without synchronizing from the beginning of the chain.

Here are free alternative Snapshot websites for you to use: