Running a Mina block producer in minutes with Pulumi

Deploy a block producer

yarn install
  • in a file called , write your public key
  • in a file called key, write your encrypted private key
  • in a file called password , write the password for your private key
pulumi up
  • deploy an EKS cluster
  • Deploy the block-producer helm chart
  • Start the block producing container with your credentials
pulumi stack export kubeconfig > kubeconfig.yaml
k9s --kubeconfig=kubeconfig.yaml
Mina block producer running in an EKS cluster
Using password from environment variable CODA_PRIVKEY_PASS
Using coda keypair private-key password from environment variable CODA_PRIVKEY_PASS
😄 Imported account!
Public key: B62qnBJBhcEUC4i1Pfo5ko46Q4UXpnzA1TZwyePsPwWhudaEQ8Lw1FE stream closed
coda client status





Staking-as-a-service provider.

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Staking-as-a-service provider.

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