Support Ukraine by delegating Tez
4 min readOct 25, 2022


UPDATE: as of June 2024, the Impact Baker has been discontinued due to lack of time to maintain the YubiHSM-based baker. You may still donate to Tezos Stands with Ukraine by sending tez directly. Alternatively, check out United24. is launching the 🇺🇦 Impact Baker today.

Ukraine needs all the help it can get. The Tezos Stands With Ukraine! initiative takes donations in Tez and helps Ukraine secure its victory.

Check their Twitter account to see what they have been doing lately.

Now you can donate to Ukraine on a regular basis by delegating Tez. Read how below.

Our website lists more ways to contribute.

A Recurring Donation

When delegating your Tezos tokens to a validator or “baker”, you normally receive 5% of rewards annually, distributed every 3 days. But when delegating to the 🇺🇦 Impact Baker, all rewards go to the Tezos Stands With Ukraine! initiative.

Therefore, delegating tez to the 🇺🇦 Impact Baker is equivalent to a recurring donation every three days.

For example, delegating 2500 tez to the 🇺🇦 Impact Baker corresponds to a 10 tez (14 USD) monthly donation. And you get to keep your 2500 tez principal.

Delegate today! The address is:


See below for easy, step-by-step instructions.

Note: if you want to donate only a portion of your baking rewards, that’s easy! Simply split your tez into 2 accounts. Delegate the first account to a normal baker that pays rewards, and the second account to the 🇺🇦 Impact Baker.

Under the Hood is a staking-as-a-service company. We can help you become a baker!

The Impact Baker is a showcase of our tech and the ecosystem’s amazing software. We are using:


Thanks to Madfish Solutions and Tezos Ukraine for building a platform for donations in Tez.

We are following the footsteps of StakeNow, the first baker to allocate a portion of their rewards to Ukraine.

How to set up a recurring donation with Ledger Live

Safety tip: crypto is rife with scams. Very commonly, people pretending to represent “support” from known companies reach out to you and try to make you send your coins or reveal your private key. Do not fall for it!

With this in mind, here are instructions to safely set up your recurring donation. You do not need to be a crypto expert or know anything about Tezos to follow these instructions.

Ledger Hardware Wallets are the safest way to hold crypto, including Tezos. Order a Ledger Nano X on Amazon.

Buy Tez

Popular platforms are Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini.

See for example: How to buy Tezos on Coinbase

Transfer Tez to Ledger

Ledger Live is the official Ledger software to interact with your Ledger. It is available for all platforms. Below, we show how to perform the steps from an Android phone with your Ledger Nano X connected with Bluetooth.

From Ledger Live, after pairing your Ledger device with the app, create a Tezos (XTZ) address.

Then, from the Tezos screen, press “Receive”:

Confirm on the Ledger screen that the address matches. Then copy it to your clipboard.

Then initiate a transfer from the platform where your purchased your Tez. For example, from the Coinbase app, press “Send” and select the Tezos asset. Then paste the address from your clipboard.

After a few minutes, once the funds have arrived, select “Earn Rewards”:

It will suggest a default baker. Click “✏️Edit” and select “+Add custom validator”. Then the address field, paste the Impact Baker’s address:


Then verify that the Ledger screen displays the right address of the Impact Baker.

You are done!


Go to the TzStats page for the Impact Baker.


  • verify that a payout goes out every 3 days to the “Help Ukraine Donations” account
  • go to the “Delegators” tab and verify that your address is in the list.

You can calculate your 3-day contribution with the following formula:

your contribution = t * yb / sb
t = amount most recently sent from Impact Baker to "Help Ukraine Donations"
yb = your balance in tez
sb = staking balance of Impact Baker (displayed on the top right corner of the TzStats page)