A Tezos Bakery on Kubernetes

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Blockchains on Kubernetes

The cloud is not good enough for the baking key

  • the software may be exploited. In this setup, the node runs in a container hosted in a VM on cloud servers. Any layer may be vulnerable.
  • you may accidentally leak your secrets (operator error)
  • your credentials may get stolen
  • the cloud provider may terminate your account

Double-baking risk

  • the regional Kubernetes cluster gets in a split-brain situation where two availablility zones loose communication between each other and each ones starts a baking node
  • the Ledger app contains a protection against double baking. The high watermark increases after every operation, so two operations at the same block height are impossible on the same Ledger. The load balancer always targets signer 1 unless it becomes offline. If signer 1 becomes unreachable, then signer 2 may sign an operation at the same block height.

Pay your rewards… on time

Nothing comes without an effort


  • internal monitoring: is the baking node connected to two public nodes ? Are the two remote signers ready to sign operations ? Is the most recent block current ?
    Prometheus seems to be a good candidate to monitor these metrics. A Tezos prometheus exporter exists and should be appropriate to run as a sidecar of the baking node.
    Google Stackdriver has some alerting capabilities that may be useful to act upon these metrics.
  • external monitoring: while cluster observability is essential, you must also roll out an external node to observe the behavior of the baker from the point of view of the network itself. We recommend deploying tezos-network-monitor from Polychain Labs.

Hey, Tezos developers ! Feature requests

Special storage mode for bakers

Ping Ledger

tezos-client get ledger authorized path for <account-alias-or-ledger-uri>

Please contribute




Staking-as-a-service provider.

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Staking-as-a-service provider.

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