Tezos upgrade analysis — Carthage

  1. Were bakers ready for the upgrade?
  2. What was the impact of the failures to upgrade on-time on the network?
  3. How long did it take bakers to recover following the initial upgrade failures?
  4. Were public bakers more successful in their upgrade efforts than solo bakers?
  • The findings suggest that the upgrade was smooth for 75.6% of the Tezos baking community, while 24.4% were negatively impacted by the upgrade.
  • As expected, public bakers were on top of things while some smaller bakers and few outliers among large solo bakers were significantly impacted.
  • In a few instances it took a baker more than 5 cycles after the update to recover a bakery. Few bakers came back online several months later or were eventually shut down.
  1. Bakers that failed to endorse more than two slots and did not recover from the failure within two hours of the upgrade were considered as impacted by the upgrade.
  2. Validators who had an average reliability of less than 20% during the four cycles before the upgrade were excluded from the analysis of impacted bakers.
  3. Active bakers were calculated as the total number of bakers who had rights in the cycle immediately after the upgrade (cycle 208)
  4. The analysis only considered data for the four cycles before the upgrade and five cycles after the upgrade.
  • were not aware of the upgrade,
  • lacked sufficient knowledge to upgrade their operations,
  • lacked time to upgrade their operations.
Note: bakers who took longer than 15 days (5 cycles) to recover are excluded from the chart.
  1. Make sure you know when the next upgrade will go live. The details on each protocol version are available on TzStats under voting section. Stay involved in protocol development and vote.
  2. If you use the Tezos Suite from MIDL.dev, upgrade your code to the latest Tezos Suite v1.2. The latest changes support running two protocol versions simultaneously and can be turned on/off by passing the protocol version as a parameter.
  3. If you are using Kiln, make sure to upgrade to the latest version.
  4. If you manage baking operations yourself, upgrade to version 7.4. This version has baker and endorser binaries for both Carthage and Delphi. Run them both side-by-side. You may also switch over manually when the protocol upgrade happens.




Staking-as-a-service provider.

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Staking-as-a-service provider.

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